How to say “Thank you” in Thai language (pronunciation with audio)

When you visit a country one of the most common words or sentences you would like to know would be “Thank you”. In Thailand, people are impressed when they hear foreigners say “Thank you”. So I will show you how to say Thank you. 🙂

Thank you

First of all, in Thai language we differentiate the gender of the speaker. Wait, it is not complicated at all! You only have to remember the word “I (dichan/pom)” and the polite word “ka/krab”. The word “Thank you” is kob (low tone) – khun (normal tone)

Female: kob-khun ka

Male: kob-khun krab


After saying this word, I am sure you will see a big smile :). So, Thais may reply something to you and you should now what they mean.

In response to a thank you, you can say “You’re welcome” : mai (falling) bpen rai

Female: Mai bpen rai ka

Male: Mai bpen rai krab

Let’s imagine a situation when you are traveling in Thailand. You want to know where the toilet is. After you got the answer you will reply with a Thank you.

You Hello, excuse me! Where is the toilet?
Sawatdee ka, kor-tod ka! Hongnam yoo tee nai ka?
Thai woman It’s at the corner
Yoo dtrong hua-mum
You Thank you!
Kob-kun ka
Thai woman You are welcome!
Mai-bpen-rai ka

In this YouTube video, you can hear how to say that exactly.

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