Learn The Thai Alphabet with Phonetics and Audio Examples

สวัสดีค่ะ Hello,

I am glad that you want to learn Thai seriously 🙂 I would like to give you short overview about the Thai alphabets.

To study Thai is not that difficult as many of you would think of. Thai only has 44 consonants, 21 vocals, and 5 tons. To speak/read them, I have used the ‘Paiboon+’ system.

Start consonants

g s dt f h
k ch t p l
k y t m o
k ch t y h
k dt n r
k t b l
ng t bp w
j t p s
ch n f s
ch d p s

End consonants

k (short) ng(long)
t (short) m(long)
p (short) n(long)


[aa] [◌า/◌า◌] [ɛɛ] [แ◌/แ◌◌] [i] [ิ/ิ◌] [ɔɔi] [◌อย] [ʉʉ] [ือ/ื◌]
[a] [◌ะ/ั◌] [ɛ] [แ◌ะ/แ็◌] [iu] [ิว] [ɔi] [◌อยS] [ʉ] [ึ/ึ◌]
[aai] [◌าย] [ɛɛo] [แ◌ว] [iia] [เีย/เีย◌] [uu] [ู/ู◌] [ʉʉa] [เือ/เือ◌]
[ai] [ไ◌] [ɛo] [แ◌วS] [ia] [เียะ/เีย◌S] [u] [ุ/ุ◌] [ʉa] [เือะ/เือ◌S]
[aao] [◌าว/◌าว◌] [əə] [เ◌อ/เิ◌] [iiao] [เียว] [uui] [ูย] [ʉʉai] [เือย]
[ao] [เ◌า/◌าว◌S] [ə] [เ◌อะ/เิ◌S] [oo] [โ◌/โ◌◌] [ui] [ุย] [ʉi] [ึย]
[ee] [เ◌/เ◌◌] [əəi] [เ◌ย] [o] [โ◌ะ/◌◌] [uua] [ัว/◌ว◌]
[e] [เ◌ะ/เ็◌] [əi] [เ◌ยS] [ooi] [โ◌ย] [ua] [ัวะ/◌ว◌S]
[eeo] [เ◌ว] [əəo] [เ◌อว] [ɔɔ] [◌อ/◌อ◌] [uuai] [◌วย]
[eo] [เ◌วS] [ii] [ี/ี◌] [ɔ] [เ◌าะ/็อ◌] [uai] [◌วยS]


 อ่  อ้  อ๊  อ๋
a à â á ǎ

Build a word

A Thai word contains start consonant, a vocal, a ton, and sometimes also end consonant.

คุณ (you)

Start consonant k
Vocal /ุ◌ [u]
End consonant n
Ton neutral

ชื่อ (name)

Start consonant ch
Vocal ือ [ʉʉ]
End consonant
Ton อ่ à

อะไร (what?)

Start consonant  o
Vocal [a]
End consonant
Ton à (*as this is a dead word)
Start consonant r
Vocal [ai]
End consonant
Ton neutral

Can you read this in Thai?

Thai street name

So it is not that difficult to learn the alphabets. What do you think about Thai alphabets? Is it very hard for you? Share your thought here please 🙂

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